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SUMO Citrus: A Winter Delicacy!

In season from family farms in California during January through March, SUMO Citrus is a special variety developed in Japan with large mandarin and some orange parentage. The fruit has a distinctive knob at the top and pebbly orange skin that is easy to peel. Inside, the flesh is seedless, extremely sweet and full of delightful mandarin taste, and it sections nicely. Amazing!

SUMO Citrus, aka Sumo Mandarins, have outstanding flavor and the juiciness is greater than a Clementine but not as juicy as a typical Navel Orange – so they’re perfect for snacking without the need for a knife.

SUMO Citrus remain rather expensive compared to regular mandarins or regular oranges, and they’re not the easiest to find. BUT if you’re a fan of really great citrus I hope you score some and enjoy them this February.

Fresh Produce

Best if used by January 31st

Cara Cara Oranges

Pink-fleshed Cara Cara Oranges are perfect for snacking – sweet, flavorful with tones of berry, and packed with healthy stuff for your body. This special variety is in peak season from California citrus groves during January through March. Enjoy them while they’re at their best!

Navel Oranges

Now that the season is going full tilt, California grown Organic and Conventional Navel Oranges are beginning to taste their juicy, flavorful best – a balance of sweetness and acidity.

Heirloom Navel Oranges

Are you a connoisseur of fine oranges? Perhaps you’re just someone who wants to make sure their likelihood of getting delicious tasting Navel Oranges is high? Good news – Heirloom Navel Oranges from California are coming into season. Mid-January through early April will be the best time of the year to try them!


Pummelos, also called Pomelo, are the biggest of all citrus fruits. Late December through March is peak season for Pummelos from California.

Ruby Frost Apples

There are lots of cool, new apple varieties to try so why do I like this one? Ruby Frost Apples, available during January and February, have a crisp and juicy texture that’s not overly dense. The flavor is both sweet and tart like many of the other new premium snacking varieties, quite good, though not what I would call intense.

SUMO Citrus

For aficionados of excellent citrus, you’ve got to try SUMO Citrus this winter. Think of it as a “Sushi-grade” citrus snacking delicacy, in season from California from mid-January through March!

Broccoli Rabe (Rapini)

Looking for a new green veggie to cook with? Something besides Kale or Spinach or Broccoli, something that’s got some flavor plus the vitamin-rich nutrient punch? Try Broccoli Rabe!

Organic Produce

Best if used by January 31st

Organic Envy Apples

What’s an Envy? They’re very sweet, have classic flavor with a firm and crunchy texture. Basically, the eating experience Red Delicious wish they were.

Organic Navel Oranges

Now that the season is going full tilt California grown Organic Navel Oranges are beginning to taste their juicy, flavorful best – a balance of sweetness and acidity. The classic orange flavor will get even sweeter as the season progresses – January through April.

Organic Cara Cara Oranges

Pink-fleshed, sweet Organic Cara Cara Oranges are perfect for snacking or fun for salads, desserts and prepared with fish. This special variety is in peak season from organic California citrus groves January through March. Enjoy them while they’re at their best!

Organic Pummelos

Here in late December through March Organic Pummelos are in season from California. This jumbo-sized citrus fruit with mild and sweet grapefruit flavor is a fun one to try!

Organic Meyer Lemons

Organic Meyer Lemon groves planted several years ago in California are now beginning to produce significant volumes. With winter being the peak season for this variety, look for Organic Meyer Lemons in the organic produce section where you shop during December through March.

Organic Grape Tomatoes

South Florida organic growers have plenty of nice Grape Tomatoes coming from their winter field plantings. Good dirt means good food. With all of this good quality supply, expect affordable pricing and even advertised specials during January.

What is Organic Produce?

Certified Organic Produce meets a set of standards for growing, handling and labeling that is governed by the USDA’s National Organic Program.


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