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SUMO Citrus is huge in size, sweetness and flavor; and they’re easy to peel! Jon Steffy taste-tests the first of the 2020 crop of SUMO Citrus (aka SUMO Mandarins, aka SUMO Oranges). Also, if you just want a really good orange, get the scoop on Heirloom Navel Oranges, also in peak season for mid-January through early April.

Best Grapefruit of the Year; Juicy, tangy-sweet Minneola Tangelos

January into March is the best time of the year to enjoy fresh Grapefruit from Texas, Florida, and California because that’s when the crop is at its best – sweetest, juiciest and most flavorful. Jon Steffy, The Produce Geek, taste tests from three origins and gives some tips. Another great citrus item in the winter months to enjoy is the Minneola Tangelo. Get the scoop on this super-juicy, tangy-sweet Tangerine with some Grapefruit parentage.

Oranges NOT orange inside? Cara Cara and Blood Orange Taste-test.

Winter is peak season for California Citrus including the pink-flesh Cara Cara Orange and the streaked-red to maroon-flesh Blood Orange. Get the scoop on these two delicious and unique seedless orange varieties as Jon Steffy shares about the flavor plus some how-to tips.

Hass Avocados in December?

Hass Avocados from Mexico are tasting great in December. The Produce Geek, Jon Steffy, gives some Avocado Tips and How-to.

Meyer Lemon vs Regular Lemons, Navel Orange Season

Meyer Lemons are known as the ultimate Culinary Lemon. Jon Steffy tastes tests Meyers versus regular Lemons, and talks about peak season for bright and sweet California Navel Oranges.

NEW Cosmic Crisp Apples, and Opal Apple Taste Test

There’s another new Apple to try – Cosmic Crisp – and growers are really ramping up for a big future for the variety. Jon Steffy taste-tests the Cosmic Crisp with Honeycrisp parentage and the Opal which is naturally slow to brown when cut.

Satsuma vs Clementine Mandarins!

Easy to peel, sweet and snackable Mandarins are in peak season for California from late November through December with the famous and accessible Clementine variety and the flavorful Satsuma variety! Jon Steffy does a taste test to let you know what to expect. BONUS: discover Red Kiwifruit!

Medjool Dates: Nature’s Ultimate Candy!

The most snackable and delicious of all Date varieties, Medjool Dates have a gooey texture and caramel sweetness. Get the scoop on this super-sweet fruit along with some recipe ideas!

Sweet Baby Broccoli How-to!

Sweet Baby Broccoli – versatile, convenient and tasty! It goes by a few other names: Broccolette, Broccolini, Aspiration, but no matter what you call it – this veggie is worth a try. Jon shares some info and how-to.

Produce Geek’s Guide to Sweet Potatoes!

What we often call “Yams” in the US are actually Sweet Potatoes, and did you know there are quite a few varieties? Jon Steffy shares flavor profiles and use ideas for this tasty tuber. Fall and winter is a wonderful time to enjoy more Sweet Potatoes when they’re at their best.

Pears How-to and Varieties

When is a pear ripe? Which ones change color? What is the difference between the varieties – Anjou, Red Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, Comice? Jon Steffy talks pears how-to for fall and winter enjoyment.

Pomegranate How-To

November is peak season for fresh Pomegranates from California! Check out some how-to for opening the fruit and removing the delicious arils.


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For years friends and family who know I work in fresh produce wholesaling have asked me, “Hey, Jon, what’s good right now?” I always loved answering that question and trying to help whomever is listening with some insider tips about what to look for at their local produce department. These tips were derived from talking to growers, produce buyers, supermarket chains and produce inspectors, not to mention seeing truckloads of produce arrive from all of the world. And sampling – lots of sampling! What started as a quick email to friends during my time working at Four Seasons Produce has grown into an e-newsletter, website and more.

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