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Honeynut vs. Butternut Squash, Plus Snack-able Kiwi Berries!

Butternut is the most popular squash, but what if it was bred for best flavor? Enter Honeynut Squash. Organic and conventional Hard Squashes are in peak season for late summer and fall. Kiwi Berries are also in peak season for September and October. Plus, Jon taste-tests a rose-fleshed Pink Pearl Apple.

Discover Caulilini (Baby Cauliflower); September Starkrimson Pears & Gala Apples!

There’s a new veggie out there called Caulilini – it’s a baby cauliflower! Get the scoop. Plus, Jon taste tests Gala Apples and Red Starkrimson Pears in September.

September TASTE TEST: SweeTango Apples, Delicata Squash, Magenta Dragon Fruit!

Taste test: If you are a fan of outstanding texture and flavor in your apples, you may want to seek out SweeTango Apples this September and October. Did you know that Delicata Squash, unlike other hard squash varieties, can be eaten with the skins still on? USA grown Dragon Fruit is in season for the fall.

Honeycrisp vs. Rave Apple Taste-test, Plus Best Honeydew of the Year!

Great textured apples are back for September enjoyment! Jon taste-tests PA Honeycrisp versus WA Organic Honeycrisp versus Washington Rave Apples. Honeydew really is the “money-melon” during late summer and Cauliflower is in season.

Peak season Organic Grapes! And, do You Dig the FIG?

Late August through September will be the best time of the year for Organic Grapes from California. Also, Bartlett Pears and Fresh Figs are in peak season.

Best Yellow Peaches, Super-Sweet SunGold Kiwi, and Stop Those Fruit Flies!

Are you enjoying Yellow Peaches when they’re at their very best? August is prime time at local orchards in the Northeast, Mid-West and Pacific Northwest. Sungold Kiwifruit are so sweet and mellow – definitely worth a try, even if you don’t prefer regular green kiwifruit. Plus, Jon shows his favorite natural remedy for stopping fruit flies if they start to congregate in your kitchen.

Grapes that taste like Jelly! Plus, August is Heirloom Tomato and Chili Season.

August picks and tips! Thomcord Grapes are seedless but have Concord flavor. Heirloom Tomatoes have such great flavor and are abundant in mid to late summer. Chili Pepper season is here; a little roasting how-to.

Champagne Grapes, Very Cherry Plums, and Plumogranate Pluots!

Late July fresh produce treats include tiny red organic snacking grapes called “Champagne Grapes”, a deep burgundy fleshed Pluot variety called “Plumogranate”, and a snackable cross between cherries and plums called “Very Cherry Plums”. Plus, Jon talks garden tomatoes.

Fun with Flat Fruit?

Donut Peaches, and other flat stone fruit like Yellow Peach Pie Peaches and NectoPie Flat Nectarines are in season for July snacking!

Organic Stone Fruit for July Snacking!

July marks the peak season for organically grown Peaches (white and yellow flesh varieties), Plums (black/purple and red skin), and Nectarines (white and yellow flesh) from California. Let’s look at selection and storage tips.

Zucchini, Shishito Peppers and other July Garden Favs!

July really begins garden season in many parts of the country. Jon discusses Goldbar Squash (aka Yellow Zucchini), Green Squash (aka Zucchini), Shishito Peppers for an easy appetizer, and the coming start of Vine Ripe Tomatoes.

Watermelon Sticks for Easy Finger Food!

Late April through May is peak season for spring crop organic and conventional Red Seedless Watermelons from Florida! Tips on how to avoid a bad one and for how to cut this delicious, refreshing treat into easy to eat sticks.

Seedless Watermelon


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For years friends and family who know I work in fresh produce wholesaling have asked me, “Hey, Jon, what’s good right now?” I always loved answering that question and trying to help whomever is listening with some insider tips about what to look for at their local produce department. These tips were derived from talking to growers, produce buyers, supermarket chains and produce inspectors, not to mention seeing truckloads of produce arrive from all of the world. And sampling – lots of sampling! What started as a quick email to friends during my time working at Salesforce has grown into an e-newsletter, website and more.

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