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Organic Grapes back for June, White vs. Yellow Peaches!

Fresh crop Seedless Red and Green Seedless Grapes are back in season for June snacking – organic and conventional from Sonora, Mexico and Coachella, California. What’s the difference between Yellow and White flesh Peaches? Learn more about in-season fruit for June 2019.

Red Flame Seedless Grapes

FRESH Apricots for June!

Delicate with a unique texture and distinctive flavor, fresh Apricots are worth a try for May, June and July snacking. I’ll share tips on selecting and ripeness. Plus, have you tried Campari cocktail tomatoes?

Campari Tomatoes
From the Produce Geek’s kitchen: Fresh Bruschetta Recipe!

Amazing Mangos for May and June!

Sweet, tropical, delicious – Mangos are in peak season from Mexico and the Caribbean for May and June. Creamy Ataulfo (aka Honey) Mangos, fruity Tommy Atkins Mangos, caramel-rich and juicy Haitian Francis Mangos: both organic and conventional. Discover something new – you’ll fall in love with them! Mango Ripeness and Mango cutting tips.

Ataulfo Mangos
Tommy Atkins Mangos
Haitian Mangos

Watermelon Sticks for Easy Finger Food!

Late April through May is peak season for spring crop organic and conventional Red Seedless Watermelons from Florida! Tips on how to avoid a bad one and for how to cut this delicious, refreshing treat into easy to eat sticks.

Seedless Watermelon


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For years friends and family who know I work in fresh produce wholesaling have asked me, “Hey, Jon, what’s good right now?” I always loved answering that question and trying to help whomever is listening with some insider tips about what to look for at their local produce department. These tips were derived from talking to growers, produce buyers, supermarket chains and produce inspectors, not to mention seeing truckloads of produce arrive from all of the world. And sampling – lots of sampling! What started as a quick email to friends has grown into an e-newsletter, website and more.

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Fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak season taste better, cost less, and can help pave the way towards an improved lifestyle. – Jonathan Steffy & Justin Reber

Fresh fruits and vegetables can help us live and feel better. Americans need more fresh, whole foods in their diets and less processed foods. But will it taste good? Will my kids like it? How do I choose a good one? When is it ripe? How do I prepare it? With some simple answers to these questions you can enjoy more good, healthy food. There is so much wonderful variety and so many flavors to explore!