What is Organic Produce?

Certified Organic Produce meets a set of standards for growing, handling and labeling that is governed by the USDA’s National Organic Program.Organic fruits and vegetables are grown without the use synthetic chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers. The terms “Natural” and “Local” are not the same as “Organic.”

Is Organic Produce better?

The purpose of this website is not to debate conventional versus organic. I use organic methods for my backyard orchard and garden, yet I eat plenty of conventionally grown produce and have visited many outstanding, responsible conventional farms locally and around the country. If you do not have easy access to a full selection of organic produce – no worries! Please check out our weekly “Fresh Produce” posts on what’s in season in conventional produce, you might want to check for this weed killer reviews.

Still, I do believe that avoiding synthetic chemicals and is wise for our bodies and our environment. Organic farming methods line up with many of my own values. And my personal anecdotal experience is that the flavor profiles on some organic fruits can be occasionally be more intense than their conventional counterparts.

Local is not the same as Organic. Natural is not the same as Organic. Learn more about what certified organic farming is all about here.