Tuscan Cantaloupes

Tuscan-style Cantaloupes can be identified by their deep, green colored ribs between straw colored netted skin. The firm, yet smoothly textured flesh is juicy and exquisitely sweet on this premium variety. The rich cantaloupe flavor will make you want more – sure did for me! The rind of this melon variety is thin and the seed cavity is tight – giving you lots of melon flesh for the money. The These are not cheapest Cantaloupes, but are some of the best for snacking, salads, desserts and appetizers.

Store uncut Tuscan Cantaloupes at room temperature. The fruit will be sweet and ready to cut as soon as you buy it, but you can condition it to your liking. Here are the stages of ripening for Tuscan-style Cantaloupes:

  • Dark green ribs = sweet!
  • Light green ribs = very sweet!
  • Straw colored webbing + fragrant aroma + almost no green ribs = Full-flavor, extra juicy sweetness.