Tommy Atkins Mangos

When ripe, Organic Tommy Atkins Mangos have sticky-sweet flesh that is dark orange in color and is very juicy with a pleasing tropical flavor. They’re fantastic for snacking, salads and smoothies. 1 cup of cut Mangos is only 100 calories and for it you’ll get Vitamin C, Vitamin A, dietary fiber plus Folate.

Mango Tips

  • What’s the #1 mistake people make with Mangos? Lots of people think Red skin color equals “ripe fruit.” This is incorrect. Red skin on the Tommy Atkins variety means that the mango got plenty of sunshine, but the amount of redness on the skin is not an indicator of sweetness. The skin color does not change after harvest or as the fruit ripens.
  • So, how do you pick a good one?Squeeze for ripeness. Since Tommy Atkins variety Mangos do not give visual clues to when they are ripe, judge by the softness when you squeeze them in your palm. Hard means they’ll be crunchy, while a little give indicates a juicy-ripe Mango for snacking, smoothies and salsas.
  • Stringy Flesh? Tommy Atkins Mangos can feel a bit fibrous or stringy if you eat the flesh right off the pit with your teeth. I recommend cubing this variety or slicing the mango into peeled wedges.
  • Cutting? Here’s a quick video to show you how.
  • Want to know more? Like the best ways to slice a mango? Recipes, cutting tips and more can be found here.