Strawberries (California)

Add Strawberries to your shopping list! Harvests of California Strawberries in now in peak production. Woohoo! Snacking, smoothies, salads, breakfasts, desserts – the possibilities are so fun! Everyone loves fresh Strawberries.

Aside from early summer locally grown Strawberries from your garden, or ones sold along a roadside stand or at a farmers market (which taste amazing)… premium late spring and early Strawberries from California are some of the biggest, tastiest and solidly textured ones you can get.

And my favorite, intensely flavored Organic Strawberries, are in season now too from California. With this better quality fruit, keep an eye out for both advertised specials during May and June.

If what you want is an affordable, fresh berry to throw in your yogurt, cereal, smoothie or salad – go for it, especially if they’re on sale and looking fresh!

Strawberry Tips

  • Selecting: Look for plump, red berries with healthy looking, green caps. At the store, inspect the packages from all sides, avoiding containers with wet spots on the berries or bottoms of the containers.
  • At Home: Keep them cold in the fridge, but they’ll have better taste and texture if you use them within a couple days. Wash Strawberries under cold water just before use.
  • Eating: Learn about the broad health benefits of Strawberries hereCheck out this strawberry recipe resource.
  • Juicing vs Blending: Don’t use strawberries in a juice extractor – it’s almost a waste of fruit since you get very little juice from those soft red berries in the process. Firm-textured, high juice content, low glycemic index fruits like apples and pears are much better than berries in juicer recipes to add liquid volume and sweetness to vegetable blends. Blending, on the other hand, is a fantastic way to enjoy the full flavor of strawberries mixed with other ingredients, plus you get the benefits of the berries’ fiber and anti-oxidants. Adding those tired looking strawberries you forgot about in the fridge in a smoothie is a fantastic way to avoid waste and feel good. If you have some berries you know you won’t be able to eat while they’re still fresh – freeze them! Frozen berries allow you to use less ice in your smoothie blends.