Seckel Pears (Sugar Pears)

What’s a Seckel Pear? This mini green to maroon-blushed-skinned pear variety is believed to be a chance seedling that was discovered near Philadelphia in the 1800s. Sometimes called “Sugar Pears,” Seckel Pears are tiny pears that are have a crisp, sugary flesh that ripens to creamy with a tiny core. They’re fun to for dessert recipes and as a little fresh snack on the go or in the lunchbox.

5 Cool Things to Do with Seckel Pears

  • Pocket Pear – these little pears are perfect for on-the-go healthy snacking
  • Kid Pears – elementary age kids can’t handle a whole Anjou or Bosc – try one of these in their lunch box
  • Mini Desserts – poach or roast for a delectable dessert
  • Pickling – don’t knock it till you try it!
  • Caramel-dipped would be fun too.