Roma Tomatoes

There are Slicing Tomatoes for sandwiches. There are Snacking, Cocktail and Salad Tomatoes. And then… there are Roma Tomatoes. What are Roma Tomatoes good for? Romas, also called Plum Tomatoes, are their own “use category,” ideal for cooking, sauces and salsas. Romas also wedge well to add to salads, can be stuffed and intensify with roasting. They’re also the best tomato for Pico De Gallo recipes.

Roma Tomatoes are smaller than round tomatoes and have an egg shape. They are meaty and have less gel inside than larger round varieties. This makes them ideal for dicing for use as an ingredient or topping. Winter Roma’s are slightly firmer and less red in color than the ones you find during local summer harvests. 

Select Tomatoes that are free from wrinkles or black spots. Store whole Tomatoes at room temperature to preserve their flavor and texture best.