Organic Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes

Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes are a blend of robust-earthy brown, candy-sweet gold and yellow, tangy pink and sweet-acidic red Cherry, Grape and Cocktail Tomato varieties, many of which are from heirloom-type seeds. These bite-sized Tomatoes are great for snacking out of hand, topping salads or roasting.

Color and flavor abound with Organic Rainbow Cherry Tomatoes, a medley of Cherry Tomato varieties that are grown separately in open field soil at Lady Moon’s organic fields in Chambersburg, PA, for example, then blended when packed in 1 pint containers. You may not find them just anywhere – but if you do, I highly recommend giving it a try! And if you can’t find this specialty item, don’t worry, Organic Red Cherry Tomatoes for cooking and Organic Grape Tomatoes for snacking are delicious and plentiful from local farms right now too.