• Organic Pomegranate

Organic Pomegranates

Pomegranates are here! Let’s take a look at one of the methods you can use to remove the flavorful arils from a Pomegranate.

The delicious prize inside a fresh Pomegranate is the juicy, sweet, bold flavored arils (seeds encapsulated with sacs of juice). You eat the arils whole. These arils are fantastic by themselves as a flavorful snack – juicy, sweet, a little tangy then crunchy. The taste is somewhere between concord grape juice and cranberry juice on the sugar to acid scale, but deliciously unique, robust. Pomegranate arils can also be used to top a salad, in yogurt parfaits, with desserts or cocktails, and of course for juicing. Me? I love them as a delicious snack!

Super-food Pomegranates are an ancient fruit but have been in the news lately for their health benefits. The juice on the Pomegranate Arils has all three polyphenols – tannins, anthocyanins, ellagic acid.

Pomegranate Tips

  • Select fresh Pomegranates that are firm and heavy, a sign of plenty of juice content inside the fruit.
  • Scarring on the skin really has no impact on the internal quality of the fruit.
  • The redness of the skin can vary from variety to variety and is not a true indicator of aril quality.
  • Store Pomegranates in the fridge for best shelf-life, but they’ll last for a week or so on the counter.

How To Open A Pomegranate

If you decide to hack open a fresh Pomegranate on a cutting board and then pry the membranes apart, get ready to clean up your crime scene – I mean, kitchen. There will be juice splattering on your cutting surface and surrounding area, and likely on you. Here’s a method I use in my kitchen for speed and to avoid big messes:

Aqua Method

You’ll need a knife, large bowl of water and a colander.

  1. Slice the crown off the top.
  2. Score the skin making 4 cuts from top to bottom.
  3. Open the Pomegranate over the bowl of water.
  4. Pull the arils from membranes under water to keep the splatter to a minimum.
  5. The arils sink and the membranes float – strain and you’re done.

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