Organic Piñata Apples

Crisp and juicy, Piñata’s flavor is an pleasing balance mostly sweet and a little tart. Some say it has tropical undertones, but I’d call it a lightly tangy Golden Delicious flavor. In fact, the red and yellow streaked apple has Golden Delicious parentage, along with Cox Orange Pippen and Duchess of Oldenburg. Organic Piñata Apples from Stemilt Growers in Washington and the non-branded version, Organic Pinova Apples, can most likely be found at natural foods stores and other stores that carry a broad selection of organic apples this Winter.

Tips for buying Apples

1. How to avoid mushy apples: After the fall season, it is best to buy apples from refrigerated displays and keep them stored in your refrigerator at home. North American apples are picked in late summer and fall, so if they’re stored at room temperature a few months later the flesh crispness can deteriorate inside even though the outside looks fine. Cold = crisp. The varieties that keep their crispness longest include: Pink Lady, Jazz and Fuji.

2. Which apple varieties are best for juicing and smoothies? Short answer: the ones on sale. Green juice recipes done is a juice extractor use a lot of apples so finding affordable fruit is key. Size, color and appearance are less important. Long answer: All things equal, I recommend Granny Smith for recipes and blends where you want a semi-sweet or semi-tart flavor; and Fuji for recipes and blends where you want plenty of sweetness. Bagged apples, which are often around 2-½” in diameter are ideal for centrifugal juicers since they fit right down the chute.

Pinova Apples, branded as Piñata Apples, are available in select stores during the winter and early spring months. Jon does a taste test and describes what this variety’s flavor and texture is like.