Organic Murcott Mandarins

Small and slightly flat, Organic W. Murcott Mandarins are bright orange inside and out. They are sweet and juicy, feature a rich citrus flavor and are mostly seedless. The thin skin peels simply and becomes even easier peel by hand as the season progresses through March. They’re often displayed loose and be sold by the pound, though many stores are also offering 2 and 3lb pouch bags this year. Try some while they’re at their best!

Select Mandarins that feels heavy for its size, since they’ll have more juice. The fruit’s skin can feel a little puffy – those will likely peel quite easily – but avoid Mandarins with soft, squishy spots which are a precursor to decay.

Other Organic Mandarins in season from California during late February and March

  • Organic Tango Mandarins: While not very prevalent in stores, this variety is very similar to the Murcott Mandarins described above. They’re quite delicious! Yum!
  • Organic Gold Nugget Mandarins: The skins are deep orange in color and appear pebbled and bumpy – like a nugget of gold, I suppose, and peel fairly easily. Inside this virtually seedless mandarin the orange-gold flesh is sweet and juicy. They’re acidic enough to be bright, yet richly sweet, making them an excellent snacking variety for both kids and adults.
  • Organic Royal Mandarins: This variety is a cross between an orange and a tangerine, technically making the fruit a “Tangor.”  Royal Mandarins have robust citrus flavor. Their juicy flesh is tangy and sweet.
  • Organic TDE Mandarins: TDE’s are a triple-cross Tangerine variety.  The small, firm fruit takes more work to peel than other Mandarins, but the prize inside is bright orange flesh that fully acidic yet fully sweet.  The citrus flavor intensity is huge.