Organic Kumquats

Kumquats? Well, in spite of being the one of smallest citrus fruits, Kumquats are big on flavor. Bursting with citrus intensity, these mini, bite-sized citrus fruits have sour-sweet flesh with edible skins. Yep, you eat them whole! – rind, flesh, small seeds ‘n all for a rush of sweet-tart zippiness. The flesh is acidic, yet the skin and pith bring out the sweetness. I like to call ‘em nature’s “Sour Patch Kids.”

If you’re a fan of citrus flavor – you’ve gotta try peak season Organic Kumquats. Yep, you eat ‘em whole!

10 ways to use Kumquats

  1. Snack on them whole – Intense but good! This is what they’re best for.
  2. Spa Water: Halve 3 of them length-wise. In a glass, pour cold Seltzer Water over them.
  3. Add Kumquat ring-slices to a salad like this Kale-Kumquat Salad recipe.
  4. Dice them to use in a marinade for fish, pork or chicken.
  5. Halve them length-wise to add to a fruit salad.
  6. Chop them up to use in a Kumquat Chutney.
  7. Make a Kumquat Marmalade or Ginger-Kumquat Marmalade.
  8. Slice them to a fresh flavor to Ginger Ale or Lemon-Lime sodas.
  9. Make homemade Candied Kumquats as a sweet-tart topping or condiment.
  10. Halved Kumquats drop nicely into a bottle of Wheat Ale or Hefeweizen Beer.