• Organic Green Beans

Organic Green Beans

Fresh Green Beans are one of my top recommendations for any-day-April side dishes. Spring plantings of Green Beans are in a period of steady harvests from farms in Florida. Expect more affordable prices and nice quality.

Need a break from bean casseroles? Not all recipes for fresh Green Beans need to be served warm. Cold Green Bean salads use the blanching method (boil for 3 minutes then immediately cool them in an ice-water bowl) to keep the beans firm and bright green. Here’s a cool and crunchy, creamy yet light recipe to try!

Green Bean Tips

  • From bulk displays, select Green Beans that feel firm and snappy.
  • Store them in a sealed bag or container in the refrigerator for up to a few days.
  • Fresh Green Beans in microwave-able bags that are pre-washed and already have the ends trimmed have become quite popular as a time saver.
  • Need some Recipe Inspiration? Find green bean recipes on Pinterest here.

Best tip? Don’t cook the beans to death. Steam, boil, microwave or stir-fry Green Beans until they are just tender to bring out their best flavor and texture. Over-cooked string beans that are limp and mushy can only be saved by butter… lots and lots of melted butter.

Green Bean Recipes

Roasted Green Beans and Bosc Pears

Creamy-Cool Green Bean and Tomato Salad