Organic Fuji Apples

Like sweet, crisp apples? Then you’ll LOVE Organic Fuji Apples. Nicely crisp, fine-flesh textured, impressively juicy, mildly aromatic – those are all great eating characteristics for an Apple, but it’s the sweetness that sets the Fuji variety apart. Fuji Apples are not only awesome for snacking, they add texture to salads, complement cheeses and pair well Asian flavors in cooking. If you’ve got a juicer or high-powered blender, Fuji’s can bolster sweetness in just about any green juice plus add lots of liquid. Vitamix and smoothie enthusiasts also appreciate the Fuji variety for adding sweetness to green smoothies.

The Sweetest! Organic Fuji Apples are ideal for snacking and salads, and are excellent for juicing to add sweetness and liquid volume to Green Juices.

Fuji Apple Tips

  • Select Fuji Apples that feel firm, are free from skin wrinkles or large bruises (round discolored spots) and store them in the refrigerator until the day prior to eating to maintain crispness.
  • Looks? Skin color can range from almost solid red with a few green streaks to mostly light green with a few red streaks and small brown flecks, but either way has little impact on flavor.
  • Sugar Core? “I cut my Fuji in half and found some of the flesh to be translucent. Is that OK?” Actually, Yes! The Fuji variety tends to build up high levels of fructose (natural sugar) inside and during cool Fall nights that liquid sugar turns patches of flesh in the center of the apple a translucent color. The fruit will still be fully crisp and you are guaranteed a VERY sweet apple.