• Organic Fingerling Potatoes

Organic Fingerling Potatoes

Fingerling Potatoes are small, gourmet varieties with tender skins, elongated shapes and flesh that moist, waxy texture. What’s so great about these little spuds? Fingerling Potatoes can speed up your meal preparation time, all while delighting your taste-buds. Because these high flavor, finger-shaped Potato varieties are smaller in size – roasting usually takes only 20 to 30 minutes at 425 degrees, depending on the thickness of the Fingerlings. Boiling takes only about 15 to 30 minutes and is another easy way to cook them. Boiled Fingerlings served with butter, salt, pepper and freshly chopped chives is always a hit.

Tip: Halve larger ones length-wise to even the cooking time. When a knife can easily pierce their waxy flesh, the Potatoes are properly cooked. Be sure to cook Fingerlings with their tender skin left on to trap in their rich flavors and moisture content.

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