Organic Clementine Mandarins

Citrus Season is the most wonderful time of the year! Jon takes a look at two of his favorite citrus varieties that are in peak season right now – Clementine and Satsuma Mandarins.

Usher in the holidays with the familiar aroma and flavor from America’s darling citrus variety: Clementine Mandarins! Seedless, fairly easy to open, portable and fun! Clementines, when they’re good, are a hit. The aroma of fresh citrus peel sparks the appetite of those nearby. Peel one in your kitchen and the kids will come runnin’. Peel one at your desk and your co-workers will pop in to “see what you’re doing.” Bring them to a party and a group of “snackers” will gather around creating a pile of rinds over good conversation.

Clementine variety mandarins have slightly tighter skin than Satsuma Mandarins (also in season in December) and they flavor of Clementines is a little less citrus-tangerine-y, making the taste accessible to just about everyone.

Store Clementine Mandarins in the refrigerator to get an extra week of shelf-life at home. I enjoy eating Mandarins at room temperature, but that shortens the shelf life. That’s ok, right? You can get more!

Organic Clementine Mandarins are available from late November through and early January.