• Mini Snacking Tomatoes

Mini Snacking Tomatoes

Snacking Tomatoes are bite-sized varieties that are so delicious you can eat them whole by themselves or to add to salads.

Each variety, with its own unique flavor profile, is grown and picked separately, then is combined when to form a beautiful medley in the package. They’re a blend of robust-earthy brown, candy-sweet gold and yellow, tangy pink and sweet-acidic red Cherry, Grape and Cocktail Tomato varieties, many of which are heirloom-style. Mixed Mini Tomatoes are great for snacking out of hand, topping salads or roasting.

Store Tomatoes at room temperature to keep their texture firm and flavor full. Refrigerating may help them last longer, but the cold tends to soften the fruit and dull the taste.

Greenhouse Snacking Tomatoes types in season for late Spring

  • Gold Mini Tomatoes: very sweet taste and mild acidity: brands like Zima, Sun Bliss Gold Grape, Sunbursts
  • Red Mini Tomatoes: sweet, flavorful, elongated: brands like Sun Drop Red Grape, Angel Sweet Grape, Heavenly Villagio Marzano (Mini San Marzano with rich, classic flavor), Tomato X (red/brown variety with incredible sweetness, acidity and flavor)
  • Cherry Tomatoes: acidic and lightly sweet, plump and round: brands Cherry No.9, Sweet Cherry, Glorys, Cabernet Estate Reserve (brown type with robust taste)
  • Mixed Mini Tomatoes: blends of gold, red and brown grape, cherry or cocktail types in one pack: brands like Blended Flavours, Wild Wonders, True Rebel Mix

Our Own Mini Snacking Tomato Recipes

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