McIntosh Apples

Classic flavor that is more tart than sweet with a juicy, semi-crisp texture is what you’ll get with this old fashioned, East Coast favorite: McIntosh Apples. Discovered as a chance seedling by John McIntosh in New York over 100 years ago, this is a variety so ubiquitous as a fall ingredient that one bite can make you recall Mom’s apple cake or Grandma’s applesauce or that warm apple pie you love so much. McIntosh Apples are a round-shaped apple with chewy skin that is dark-red over green. They’re ideal for applesauce, nice for snacking (if you prefer softer fruit) and even for baking – though they don’t hold shape as well as firmer apples like Granny Smith. Put it this way, my wife uses McIntosh in her Apple Pie recipe – and it is – amazing.

Here’s an apple cake mix that calls for 1.5 cups chopped apples with the skin on. It’s easy and tastes great – so moist! Bring home that old-fashioned fall-apple flavor for your baking and cooking with fresh crop McIntosh Apples – juicy, tangy and sweet.

McIntosh Apple Tips

  • McIntosh Apples do bruise fairly easily so handle them gently.
  • For the best texture – keep your McIntosh in the fridge, since several days at room temperature will make them mealy inside even though the still look fresh on the outside.
  • Even though PA & NY McIntosh Apple supplies will be available for the next 9 months thanks to controlled atmosphere storage –the texture will be at its best here in September and October, just after harvest time.

Recipe Ideas from regional apple grower associations

What’s a good apple for baking? McIntosh Apples! McIntosh flavor has a nice blend of sweet and tart and feature a soft-crisp texture. Jon talks McIntosh from an orchard in Pennsylvania.