Jazz Apples

Apple Tips

  • Select Apples that feel firm, are free from skin wrinkles or large bruises (round discolored spots).
  • Store Apples in the refrigerator until the day prior to eating to maintain crispness.

When people ask me what my favorite Apples variety is, Jazz Apples always make it to my top three (and I try lots of apples). Jazz Apples have a crunchy texture, tangy-sweet taste and consistent eating experience that keeps me loyal to them. I have yet to come across a mushy or lousy tasting Jazz Apple.

My family? They’ll munch their Jazz Apples down to the core. A cross between Braeburn and Gala, Jazz Apples have firm – no, hard flesh that is simultaneously sweet and tangy. Jazz stay crisp out of refrigeration better than other Apple varieties and get sweeter during the season. They’re perfect for snacking and don’t bruise easily in your lunch box or brief case. Jazz are a good baking and juicing Apple too.

What is a Jazz Apple? What do they taste like? Jon explains what this crisp and juicy premium apple variety is all about.