Granny Smith Apples

On the apple flavor spectrum at the opposite end from all-sweet Fuji are tart Granny Smith – about as tart as apple varieties get. There are times when being at the extremes wins you fans and that is surely the case for Granny Smith Apples. Green skinned, firm and tart Granny Smith Apples are fantastic paired with rich and savory ingredients in cooking like cheddar cheese, salty meats, salads, sweet potatoes and hard squashes. For baking, they add acidic balance to desserts and hold their shape. For juicing, they add fresh, sweet-tart flavor and keep a nice green color for green juices. And of course, there are those who prefer tart Apples for snacking… they love Granny’s.

Sharp Cheddar Cheese and tart Granny Smith Apples – a classic combination.