Dark Sweet Cherries

Dark Sweet Cherry Tips

  • Selecting: Carefully inspect all sides of the Cherry packages to avoid wetness or splits. If the Cherries are in a bag, give a couple a gentle squeeze – you’ll want them to feel firm, no spongy.
  • Sticker-shock? Even during peak season, even on sale Cherries can surprise you at the register, so buy smart. Remember, small (almost empty-looking) cherry bags weigh about 1.25lb and the average random-weight bag on display weighs about 2lb. Bagged Cherries are sold by the pound, so do the math or check a scale to know about what you’re going to pay in total.
  • Recipes Ideas: From desserts to salads to drinks, find in-season Cherry Recipe inspiration here.

Beyond Snacking

  • Freezing: Peak season Cherries can be washed, then frozen with the stems still on in plastic bags with the air removed, then thawed in the refrigerator up to three months later for a convenient snack.
  • Canning: Into preserving the season’s best? Check out this great site dedicated to stone fruit canning.
  • Health & Nutrition: Learn how Cherries may impact Inflammation, Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes and Cancer here.

Take advantage and enjoy a bowl of fresh, sweet and flavorful Dark Sweet Cherries! Maybe even freeze a bag or two.