California Mandarins

California Murcott Mandarins are small and rather flat, have bright orange skin and deep golden-orange flesh, are sweet and extremely juicy, feature a rich citrus flavor and are mostly seedless.

Mandarin Tips

  • Select California Mandarins that are free from brown, discolored areas (especially around the stem) or have visible wet or mold spots in the package.
  • A greenish tint to part of the skin can occur with the W. Murcott Mandarins during the cold nights of winter – this does not impact the internal flesh quality.
  • California Mandarins hold up OK at room temperature for a few days, but will begin to lose their juiciness or may begin to decay out of refrigeration for too long.
  • Store California Mandarins in the refrigerator if you don’t plan to eat the whole pack within 3-4 days.


Insider Info

  • Signage Snafu: Many stores don’t bother changing their displays or signage to tell shoppers that the Mandarins now on display are actually W. Murcott Mandarins, not “Clementine” Mandarins.
  • Here’s what to look for on the packaging to make sure you’re getting the fresh crop W. Murcott Mandarins:
  • Bags and boxes should be marked as “Produce of USA” for their country of origin.
  • Packs will be labeled as “California Mandarins.”
  • Look for brands like Halos, Cuties, Sunkist Smiles and Swee2Eat Mandarins which are already packing freshly harvested Murcotts.
  • W. Murcott Mandarins are sometimes called Afourer Mandarins.