Eat This Now for the Week of 07/25/11

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Eat This Now for the week of July 25th, 2011 features: Donut Peaches, Eggplant, Rainier Cherries, Athena Cantaloupes, Organic Spinach

KEY ($) = Value Bargain (P) = Peak of the Season (F) = Flavor for Foodies

1. Donut Peaches: (F) (P)

How ’bout some sweet Donuts… but without all the fat and regret. Donut Peaches, also called Saturn or Flat Peaches because of their shape, are at the peak of their season now and into September. Look for Eastern grown Saturns from VA and PA orchards, plus significant Organic and Conventional supplies from CA.

Donuts glazed with a little fuzz.

The shape is flat, but the flavor is not. Donut Peaches have white flesh that is low in acid allowing them to be deliciously sweet when they are firm and crunchy AND when they ripen longer to become soft and juicy. Grab one between your thumb and index-finger and snack away! rule

2. Eggplant: (P) ($) (F)

Oh, it’s summer alright, and Eggplant is at its peak of the season through September in many growing regions across the country. Select Eggplant that is firm, not flabby, is free from brown-sunken areas, and has some green color still in calyx around the stem. What’s your favorite Eggplant recipe?

Grilling ode to Eggplant Parmesan.


3. Rainier Cherries: (F) (P)

@tankdog27: “I just ate $12 of Rainier White Cherries in 5 minutes. #&!*$, I thought drugs were expensive.” @TrickJarret: “Rainier Cherries are so good.” @atiyah9369: “Bought two pounds of Rainier Cherries yesterday and have already made a significant dent. I love summer.” @JaggDiva: “Rainier Cherries are delicious!”

WARNING: addictive sweetness!

Those are a just a handful of actual random ravings I found in a Twitter search for the words Rainier Cherries. Find out for yourself what all the excitement is about! It is peak season for super sweet, white-fleshed Rainier Cherries. Organic and Conventionally grown Cherries are sizing large this season in Washington state and quality and flavor is outstanding. Yeah, they’re pricey at $3 – $7lb., but fruit this good is only around for a couple months each summer. Splurge on a some! rule

4. Athena Cantaloupes: (P) (F) ($)

East Coast and Mid-West Cantaloupe Lovers – find a local farm market or a store that supports regional farms because peak of the season time is here for Athena-style Cantaloupes. Of course I’m completely biased on this, but an addictively sweet and outrageously juicy Athena-style Cantaloupe grown in Lancaster County, PA is the pinnacle of melon eating for me. Yum!

A sweet & juicy Cantaloupe from Lancaster County, PA – a slice of heaven for me!

August looks to be a great month for Athena’s, if the heat doesn’t bake them. You’ll know they’re ripe when you smell their tropical aroma and the end opposite the stem gives just a little to thumb pressure. rule

Organic Pick of the Week 5. Spinach: (P)

Regular shoppers of Organic Vegetables have probably noticed that ever since January prices have been high and stores have had some difficulty keeping Organic Spinach in-stock. Growers have been stymied with bad weather and mildew problems. But things are starting to look up for California Organic Spinach growers. Supplies and quality are improving as prices ease down. Take advantage. Maybe an Organic Spinach salad with sliced Organic Rainier Cherries, Pine Nuts and Vinaigrette would hit the spot.

Get your green on.


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Here’s to peak of the season fresh! The Produce Geek, Jonathan K. Steffy