Roasted Rutabagas, Gold & Sweet Potatoes with Brussels Sprouts

  1. Wash, trim and prep the following veggies:
    • 1 Large Rutabaga (or 2 Small Rutabagas), peeled, sliced into bite sized pieces
    • 10-12 Brussels Sprouts, ends trimmed, loose leaves removed, halved if bigger than 1”
    • 1 Sweet Potato, peeled, cubed into bite sized pieces
    • 2 Large Gold Potatoes, skin-on, sliced into bite sized pieces
    • 3 Whole Cloves Garlic, peeled
  2. Toss the above ingredients in a mixing bowl with 3 tbsp Olive Oil
  3. Season with ½ tsp Coarse Salt and Cracked Black Pepper – re-toss to coat
  4. Spread Vegetables evenly on a baking tray Roast at 450 F for 15 minutes
  5. Flip with a spatula and roast for 10-15 more minutes until vegetables can easily be pierced with a knife