Organic Seedless Watermelon

How do you choose a good Watermelon? There’s no magic to selecting a Watermelon, but thump away if you like. I still tap the melons every time, not sure I can explain why. Really, it’s up to the farmers and harvesters to pick them at the right time and for stores/distributors to inspect them well – and good news is that has been going well this season! Still, here a few things you can do to give yourself a great chance of getting a delicious Watermelon:

Look For

  • Firm-shelled melons. The rind should be hard when you squeeze it.
  • Mostly symmetrical melons that feel heavy (watermelons are 92% water).
  • A creamy yellow spot underneath show it ripened in the sun. That’s the spot where it sat on the ground as it grew and ripened.
  • Tapping? You have to really know what you’re listening for so I can’t recommend it as a sure-fire way (even though I almost always tap melons myself).

Here is a picnic-friendly way to slice up whole Watermelons so that you and your kids or guests have perfect finger-food portions that are less messy to eat than wide wedge slices.